1. Socio-economic impacts can and should be measured — regardless of the agent, i.e. either the public or private sector.
  2. Sustainability of national development interventions is hinged on the level of balance within the system (quality of human and material development, equal opportunity in income distribution, etc.).
  3. The pricing of inputs and outputs provide indicators on the level of efficiency, level of balance in income distribution and long-term system sustainability.
  4. Culture and education are key factors that influence capacity for long-term productivity.
  1. Immediate dwindling of the cost of governance as many government institutions will fail to meet the requisite sustainability conditions.
  2. Increased transparency in the governance process, as the goal posts are real and easy to comprehend.
  3. Massive investment in long-term impactful education as this portends one of the most sustainable interventions.
  4. Decrease in government debt resulting from more pragmatism in project design and implementation.
  5. Reduced income disparity due to relatively reduced asset appreciation and better income distribution practice.
  6. Emergence of balanced incentive structures.




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Hello team at TBCA

Hello team at TBCA

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