Dear Friends,

What a year 2020 has been. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and enjoying the holidays. I’m glad things are looking up with a COVID-19 vaccine, and I’m hopeful about 2021. I bring some news, and it’s important I share it with you.

I started…

NBC Code: Amendments of the 6th edition

Credit: Lorelyn Medina — Fotolia

Written by Demilade Onajobi

The Nigeria Broadcasting Code is a set of provisions, standards to monitor and ensure the compliance of all stakeholders in the Broadcast industry. …

12 March 2020 * 7 min read

Written by Nelson Okwonna

The world has seen a gradual rise in populist movements; our own President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term victory could be attributed to the unquestioning support of low-income earning citizens. Not necessarily because they’re convinced that he can help the…

06 March 2020 * 8 min read

Written by Jide Rotilu

I’ll like to talk about CVs today. A thread. I’ve reviewed thousands of CVs since I left Deloitte to start up my firm @tbcaco. These CVs come either as job roles at or on a Recruitment/Human Capital project…

08 January 2020 * 7 min read

Written by Paschal Amaechi

Africa, the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent is a continent that continues to attract attention albeit mixed. The accelerated growth and acceptance of democracy across most of the continent has brought about heightened interest, at least from an…

25 November 2019 * 3 min read

Written by Ayodeji Okunlola

It can be argued that one of the weakest links right now is electricity distribution; this doesn’t mean that the transmission and generation value chains haven’t been lagging behind, but arguably not as bad as the “end” segment of…

29 January 2020 * 5 min read

Written by Chudi Nwachukwu

Usually, when one thinks of fraud investigation or simply investigation what comes up is manual and reactive techniques — the use of paper, one on one interviews and taking action after the event has occurred. …

18 February 2020 * 6 min read

Written by Demilade Onajobi

Data in more recent times than ever has become the engine to which businesses are driven on. The amount of data corporations has to collect, store and process is growing faster than ever, and not only that, the risks…

24 January 2020 * 6 min read

Written by David Ekefre

In the previous post, we began a series on Customer loyalty and Customer retention. There, we learned what customer loyalty is and ways we can achieve it. We also established that customer loyalty cannot be achieved except, first, by…

20 January 2020 * 6 min read

Written by David Ekefre

In this series of posts, we’ll learn what Customer loyalty and Customer retention is; and also some practical ways to achieve them. These two terms are used widely interchangeably but I believe they are two different terms and actions…

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